About Us

Aone Aqua Care Co.,Ltd is a recognized global manufacturer that meets and surpasses the expectations of customers with best-in-class products and services.With quality at the heart of everything we do, we offer specialized products to swimming pools, spas, aquatic centers, water parks, aquaculture, public aquariums, water features and water treatment projects.


Aone Aqua Care Co., Ltd is one of the best manufacturers of swimming pool and spa equipment  in China. The product line includes sand filters and cartridge filters, various kinds of pumps, underwater lights, pipe fittings and cleaning equipment


Aone Aqua Care Co., Ltd owns high-class engineers and technicians and has the ability of self-design and self-development. So all of the products, from design to die making and assembly, are completely manufactured by the experienced staff members and advanced machinery. We can develop and manufacture various kinds of plastic accessories according to the demand of customers since there is a professional mould department in the company.

Aone Aqua Care Co., Ltd utilizes the latest engineering techniques and components to ensure high quality for all the customers.The products are very popular in domestic and foreign markets for their high quality and reasonable prices.