LED Underwater Lamps with Plastic Niche

LED Underwater Lamps with Plastic Niche
Product Name : LED Underwater Lamps with Plastic Niche
Product ID : HJ6006K

Aone’s embedded LED pool light is the industrial leading pool and spa light. Underwater light is made of super bright LED chips with high quality, and superior covering. 
Aone’s light is designed not only with acid-proof, alkali-proof and UV resistant,but also with low power consumption, high stability. Easy to install, wide applicatiion..



·Embedded LED pool light
·RGB IP68 underwater LED light
·WIFI Control LED pool light
·Electrolyzed stainless steel
·Compatible with vinyl pools and concrete pools
·Stainless steel 304/316
·LED panel fully resin filled,100% waterproof and dustproof
·Plastic niche
·Low power consumption, high efficiency, economic
·High brightness
·Light source: CREE LED
·Cable length1.5m
·Underwater depth:  10m
·Emitting Angle:45°for high power LED, 120°for SMD/DIP LED, or customized
·Emitting Color:RGB/ warm white/ pure white

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